My wife and I brought 6 cats and a dog to Ecuador. We have learned both how not to bring pets and how to bring them. We used a professional service in the States who made all the arrangements for us. It was all very easy until we got to Ecuador. There were paperwork foul ups and the customs broker they hired in Quito knew nothing about handling animals. There were delays and one of the animals got sick while in the customs warehouse.

At that time we were very lucky that the customs broker contacted Gabriel Carrion of Lord Gaua. Gabriel came to the warehouse with a Veterinarian, vehicles for transportation for the animals and was able to help push the paperwork through customs in half an hour. He got the animals released and taken to a veterinary hospital. They were all examined. All but one were released to Gabriel who kenneled them in his kennel facility until the next day, when the last of the seven was released from the hospital. He personally picked the seventh animal up took it to his facilities. He picked us up at our hotel, reunited us with our animals and had us all transported to our new home which was two hours away. His services were not only the thing that got us over the bad parts of our experience, they were also the least expensive part of the whole process.

While talking with Gabriel we learned that he has his own kennel, grooming facility and veterinary hospital. He is also an AKC recognized judge who judges dog shows in several countries. Gabriel is also a licensed importer and has the ability to personally bring up to ten animals into the country for people without the need to go through the terrible customs experience we went through. Had we only known about him and his services before we began our journey, we would have saved quite a bit of money and a lot of needles worry. Not to mention how it would have improve the experience for our pets.

I recommend that anyone thinking of bringing their pets to Ecuador check with Gabriel at Lord Gaua before making other arrangements. I think you'll find it will make things a lot easier and less expensive that any other arrangements you could make. Also feel free to contact me at any time to reaffirm what I have written and possibly to answer any issues I have not addressed here.

And Gabriel, A big thank you to you and your staff.

Terry Cordes


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